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Guitar Effects

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Boss AD-3 Acoustic Guitar Processor
Boss AD-3 Acoustic Guitar Processor Developed for stage and studio use, the AD-3 gives acoustic-electric guitarists a warmer, richer sound thanks...

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Boss BC2 Combo Drive Pedal
British Combo-Amp Tone and Beyond The new BOSS BC-2 generates a classic “AC-inspired” British combo-amp tone in a compact pedal, but...

Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board
The BOSS BCB-60 Pedal Board is a convenient way to set up and transport all your compact effects. The unique padded interior can be customized to fit...

Boss BD2 Blues Driver Guitar Effects Pedal
The Perfect Distortion for Blues. Get the tone of a bluesy, vintage tube amp in a compact pedal capable of anything from warm overdriven sounds to...

Boss BF3 Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal
Boss BF3 Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal     A Legendary Flanging Pedal is Reborn. Building on the 20-year legacy of the famous BOSS...

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Boss CE5 Chorus Ensemble Guitar Effects Pedal
The Original Chorus. Produces everything from mild, natural chorusing to the penetrating stereo chorus popular in contemporary music. Covers a wide...

Boss CH1 Super Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal
The versatile Boss CH-1 SUPER Chorus produces the swirling chorus sounds heard on many rock, jazz, country, funk, and other popular music recordings.

Boss CS3 Compressor Sustainer Guitar Effects Pedal
With the Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer you get smooth sustain, a more balanced string response, and more clarity and punch at any volume. A must...

Boss DD3 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
With three delay-time modes, the Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Pedal can handle all your performance needs. Features delay times that range from 12-1/2 to...

Boss DD7 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
The BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay is a guitar effects pedal that takes the best features from its predecessors and expands their creative potential. You...

Monthly Specials | July 2015 - Guitars

NUX Amp Force Pedal

NUX Amp Force Pedal Dedicated guitar effect pedals designed to bridge the gap between multi-effects and stomp boxes. Each concentrates on a specific type of effect genre and offers various...

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 NOW £59.00
Save: £36.00

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