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Recorders / Whistles / Harmonica

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ACME AW446 Cuckoo Whistle
ACME AW446 Cuckoo Whistle This hand tuned Acme whistle faithfully reproduces the calls of the Cuckoo Full playing instructions included  

ACME AW475 Samba Whistle
ACME AW475 Samba Whistle Producing long rolling sounds with great variation. Really create that carnival atmosphere!

ACME AW499 Nightingale Whistle
ACME AW499 Nightingale Whistle Produce authentic Nightingale, Blackbird, Thrush and other spectacular sounds with the Acme Nightingale Bird Call...

 Sold Out 

ACME AW58 Titanic Mates Whistle
ACME Titanic Mates Whistle The Titanic Mates Whistle is the authentic whistle supplied to the White Star Line for use on the Titanic in 1912...

Atlas AT-0184 Harmonica Holder
Universal harmonica holder finished in black. 

Aulos 205 Descant Recorder
The traditional school recorder. An alternative to the Yamaha YRS302B, the Aulos has been around for years and is still very popular. Supplied in a...

Aulos 209 Treble Recorder
Aulos 209 Treble Recorder Aulos Treble Recorder 209. Ideal for beginners and intermediate players, this instrument has a superb tone. It is of...

Aulos 507 Sopranino Recorder
Aulos 507 Sopranino Recorder This instrument has a clear and reliable tone. Ideal for both concerto and ensemble playing, as Aulos have...

Aulos 511 Tenor Recorder
Aulos 511 Tenor Recorder Aulos Tenor Recorder 511. Lighter in weight than the other tenors in the range, whilst providing a full tonal quality. A...

Chord 10 Note Blues Harmonica in A
10-hole, 20-note diatonic harmonica with spring copper alloy reed plate and plated pressed steel cover plates. Suitable for blues playing when key is...

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