Why we ask you to register

Bandland would love to welcome you as a customer and provide you with super value goods and first class service. That is what our customers experience at our shop at Teesside - now we wish to offer you the same experience in our online shop.

To achieve our goals we ask you to register with us. Registration involves providing us with very basic information and the information you provide is protected by our own Privacy Policy as well as the current Data Protection Act as legislated in the United Kingdom.

The only information we will store is;
Your name, Address, Telephone number and E Mail address. We will keep a record of any purchases you make from us, this will include storing a list of products and the price you paid, the date you made the order, how you paid and when the goods were dispatched.
If you call us regarding your order we will keep a log of actions that we take or that you request, however, no new personal information would be required.

We do not store any of your credit or debit card details. Our transactions are processed by Barclays Merchant Services using the secure Cardholder Payment Interface known as Barclays ePDQ.
As stated in our Privacy Policy we will never pass your details to any third party except in the case of arranging a delivery to you when we will pass your name and address to our courier. (Normally DHL Express)
If at any point in the future we intend to add new information about you to our system, such as an alternative contact number or address, we will always ask your permission first.
We never call you or e mail you with promotions or offers unless you specifically give us permission to do so when you first register your account. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to our newsletter at any time if you wish. By registering you are not forced to receive e mail from us.

Registration takes an experienced surfer less than one minute, and a complete novice about 2 minutes.
Actually, it's probably quicker to register than to read this explanation!

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